Indoor Wall Hanging Planters

Indoor Wall Hanging Planters

I can almost hear you thinking, what is indoor wall hanging planters?

Whether it is usual hanging baskets?

Let’s see .,

Nope it is not hanging baskets. I can visualize your difficulties of indoor hanging baskets. Not easy access to water. Should hang at height without disturbing the walk space. No proper maintenance of the plants.

I can hear you mind, is there any other means to avoid such difficulties? Yeah there is…

Now you guessed it right., Yeah the difficulties of indoor hanging baskets can be sort out by Indoor wall hanging planters.

Indoor Wall Hanging Planters

Decoflora Gardeners provide you the customized planters for your preference. The size and shape of the planters can be modified to the design of your living rooms.

Green Your Living Room

It is usual for hanging photos on the wall. Try out the wall planting hangers to get a different view of your room. It is for the pleasure of people who wants to surround themselves with the plants.

Wall Hangers

Choice of Plants for Wall hangers


Best indoor plants for low-light conditions.


Commonly known as peace lilies. It tolerates low light and lower humidity.

Chlorophytum cosmosum

It delivers a different visual look to your living room. Adds a external beauty.


The perfect choice for indoor. You should care about the media for growing orchids. Absolutely it brings the missing aesthetic value to your home.

Apart from the aesthetic value the indoor plants are more helpful in removing toxic gases. They are indoor toxin removers. The most common indoor pollutants are Carbon monoxide, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Trichloroethylene, Disinfectants etc., Many researches has proved that indoor plants aiding in removal of these toxins. Click on the link to study NASA clean air study

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