You Can Have This as Indoor Plant

You Can Have This as Indoor Plant

Our Grandpa/ Grandma usually says, “Don’t sleep under the trees during night time”

We all know the scientific reason behind those sayings!!

The customer who visits the nursery generally asks for “plants that release oxygen at night time”

You may think “whether there are plants that supply oxygen during night time?”

Yup it’s there!! You can keep these plants at your living room too.

Ficus sp

Ficus supplies oxygen during night time.It follows CAM pathway (Crassulucean Acid Metabolism) for photosynthesis, since the stomata remain closed during the day time. And in the night time, when the stomata open, gaseous exchange takes place. During the night time these plants intakes carbon-di-oxide and releases oxygen. This pathway is absorbed also in Succulents, Xerophytes and Epiphytic group of plants. Some studies have discussed that Ficus belongs to semi-epiphytic and hence it follows the CAM pathway.

“Have ficus at your home!! and enjoy the pure surroundings!!”

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