You may think weird about the title “These plants bring bad luck”. No clue about which plants, a title without head and tail. We people came across the phrases,

Why you are keeping this plant at house? These bring bad luck to you home?

And this post is to clarify certain things about so called bad luck plants.

Which Plants are bad luck?

There are some myths like cacti and succulents bring bad luck to your surroundings.

A customer of  decoflora gardeners, asked for different kind of ornamental plants to decorate their home. So we suggested for Cacti and Succulents. Suddenly she rejected and said that they wont keep these kind of plants at home.

By having a conversation with her, I came to know that even she doesn’t know the reason behind that.

Some myths are followed without knowing the exact reasons

Truth behind the myths

In some old Chinese Philosophical System of harmonizing lives, they have told about the positioning of plants. It mentions cactus and succulents are not to place inside the living halls. The reason behind this is some of cactus and succulents are thorny in nature.

In further days it has changed to the myth that it creates bad luck.

Cacti and Succulents

These are the most interesting group of ornamental plants. It is very easy to establish with little care. They do not require much water. Cacti and succulent groups are built in a way that to store water to adapt dry conditions. And most of the succulents release oxygen for 24 hours. They are also helpful in reducing the toxins that generated in the indoor.

To conclude.,

There is nothing so called Bad Luck about plants., Surrounding yourself with the plants increase your optimism. Throw away the myths and bring these plants to decorate your indoor.

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