At DecofloraGardens  we believe it all starts with a good design. By providing a comprehensive range of design services, DecofloraGardens has the capability to administer and manage both municipal and private landscape…


 DecofloraGardens  Landscaping specializes in the installation of residential water gardens, waterfalls, artistic rock, fountains and landscape improvements with a desire to create unique, inspiring designs.


Nature is relentless—and she demands constant attention. We make sure your garden receives the consistent, precise, respectful care it requires to look its absolute best, in every season. We quietly come and go, and our careful work makes Nature’s beauty appear effortless.


Decoflora garden has a selection of over 1,000 unique plants. From perennials to aquatic plants, there’s something for everyone here. Spice up your garden with rare and exotic plants, or create the traditional garden of your dreams. Browse our plant selection online, or stop by the nursery and have a look around! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help.


A small move can change a lot. Our organic move towards these small things like tea, coffee, pepper and other spices have brought a lot to us. A healthy move for a healthy environment.

YES we are proud to say, “WE ARE ORGANIC PRODUCERS”